~Last Update: 26. Dezember 2008~

Those are all the scans and scanlations I collected since beginning of 2007. (That means they're on my HD, I don't own the real books.) Thanks to Maria_MS for letting me use her template.

Cover Title Circle Pairing Pages Info Status
074w Tirol (Nimo) Near/Mello 32 pages yaoi, lemon, serious, drama raw
24 Omega 2-D Raito/L 20 pages yaoi, humor, crack raw
200 km/h in the wrong Lane rock'n'dolless Mello/Near 69 pages yaoi, serious, drama raw
200924649 8pochi Matt, Mello, L, Near, Misa, Rod, Gevanni 16 pages yaoi raw
A Bitten Tiptoe Chocolate Kinema Raito/L 39 pages yaoi, lemon raw
A Blink, a Moment, an Instant and be over efa Raito/L(Misa) 30 pages yaoi, general raw
A Flower in the Dirt Wilhelmina Mello/Matt 21 pages yaoi, violence, lime, matt!abuse raw
A Game of Farce revolver69 Raito/L 46 pages (yaoi), general raw
A Temporizing Impression Ultimate Powers Mido/Namikawa, Aiber/Namikawa 15 pages yaoi, humor scanlated
A World without Love FLAT L/Raito 30 pages yaoi, lemon, gag scanlated
Aibunotameni Y. Kazaki (Dear Junk) L/Raito 20 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Akatyotindekurase Inazuma Picaco Matsuda/Soichiro 20 pages yaoi, lime, crack raw
Akiko Aidaho (Gimei) Naomi Minamizora P.Forest Guy/Naomi 34 pages hentai, lemon raw
Alive or Dead SH L/Raito 48 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Angelic Reeds Balgus REC Near, Mello, L 66 pages yaoi, general raw
Angelize RoyalPolice Near/Mello 40 pages yaoi, humor raw
Angels's Song H-eichi Matt/Mello 18 pages yaoi, romance, sap scanlated
Anti-hallelujah ALEGRE Matt/Mello, Matt/Girl 32 pages yaoi, het, lime raw
Apple Note 1 Various (anthology) Raito/L (Raito/Ryuuku, Matsuda/L) 215 pages yaoi, crack, humor, lime raw
Baby Blue ZeroHaku L/Raito 26 pages yaoi raw
Beautiful Dreamer Luciferhood Mikami/Raito 21 pages yaoi, lemon, shota raw
Beautiful Days Gracefl Worms (Neema) Mello, Near, Raito, L 17 pages crack, humor, AU, cat!L, cat!Aiber raw
BeLoved Menoko Kamuy & Rotsurechiriha B/L 24 pages yaoi, drama, lime raw
Bird Man 1674km/h Matsuda, L, Raito 34 pages general raw
BirthMark AiLove Love Matt/Mello 24 pages yaoi scanlated
Black Note 1 Various (anthology) Raito/L 185 pages yaoi, humor, crack raw
Black Sheep Maverix Raito, L, Misa 34 pages general raw
Blind Kokuyo Raito/L 23 pages yaoi, lime scanlated
Blue Train Luciferhood Gevanni/Near 28 pages yaoi, lemon, shota raw
Blur Machi Matt/Mello 30 pages yaoi, lemon, self-injury scanlated
Born to be Love Magic Mushroom Matt/Mello 24 pages yaoi, lime raw
Boss-No! White Noise Rod/Mello 16 pages yaoi, crack raw
Boukyaku Kyukusen Nekotama Teru/Raito 20 pages yaoi, lemon raw
California Tirol Mello/Near 23 pages yaoi, serious, sad, lime scanlated
Call H-eichi Matt/Mello 16 pages yaoi, lemon scanlated
Can't Be Plastic Echo Raito/L 19 pages yaoi, lime scanlated
Cat Life J Nekoi Mie OC/Misa 17 pages hentai, lemon raw
Charm Snowdrop Raito/L 19 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Chart of a Boy 17 Delic (Yokota Kumi) OC/Raito, Raito/L 34 pages yaoi, lemon scanlated
Chicken Zombies Jet Monster & Caramel Ribbon Raito/L 23 pages yaoi, lime scanlated
Child Room   Ryuuku 10 pages general, chibi raw
Choc. 1/10000 Grappa19 Matt/Mello 25 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Chocolate Kiss Runoouchi (Levin Aoi) Mello/Near 21 pages yaoi scanlated
Chocolate Machinegun Kokuyo Mello/Near, Matt/Mello 18 pages yaoi, blow-job raw
Chocolate Rozario Pisto Various (anthology) Matt/Mello, Near/Mello, Boss/Mello 118 pages yaoi, romance, drama, fluff raw
Chocotini Rendezvous Omega 2-D Raito/L 33 pages yaoi raw
Close your eyes and come over here Ever After Mello/Raito 22 pages yaoi, lime raw
Cold Note Eiri Asato Raito/L 11 pages yaoi scanlated
Coma Ukya & Sakuya Raito/L, Raito/Ryuuku 30 pages yaoi raw
Complex ZeroHaku L/Raito 20 pages yaoi, lime scanlated
Confusion Matsumoto Ao, Mushi, Saki Roka, Acute Girls L/Raito, Matsuda/L 49 pages yaoi, lime partly scanlated
co.P AiLove-Love Matt/Mello, Mello/Near, Raito/L, Halle/Mello, LMN 178 pages yaoi, het, lime, humor, fluff, drama, serious raw
Corazon ALEGRE (Sekimori) Near/Mello 26 pages yaoi, lime, drama raw
Coup d'Etat FLAT Raito/L 24 pages yaoi, lime raw
croquis AiLove Love Matt/Mello 34 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Cry Wilhelmina Guy/Matt, Mello/Matt 33 pages yaoi, lemon, non-con, violence, drama raw
Dead Line Drawn Game L/Raito 19 pages yaoi, lime raw
Dead or Alive Dizzy Melon Matt/Mello (with Hal & Near) 38 pages yaoi, gag partly scanlated
Dead or Alive Taishi Zaou & Eiki Eiki Raito/L, Raito/Ryuuku 34 pages yaoi, gag, lemon scanlated
Dead Smile Balgus REC Raito/L 42 pages yaoi, gag raw
Dead Stock Balgus REC L/Raito 31 pages yaoi, lime raw
Dear Jakoten Near/Mello 14 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Death Gate Bect (Raito/Misa) 14 pages artbook raw
Death Logic Various (anthology) Raito/L, Matsuda/L 212 pages yaoi, gag, lemon raw
Death Note M BKS Studio OC/Misa, Misa/Raito, L/Sayu 36 pages hentai, lemon raw
Death or Love Lunar Kyrie L/Raito 46 pages yaoi, drama, romance raw
DeathTIX 1 Various (anthology) Raito/L 171 pages yaoi, gag, lime raw
DeathTIX 2 Various (anthology) Raito/L 180 pages yaoi, gag, lemon raw
Dechu Note Uge:Man Raito/Misa (Sayu) 22 pages hentai, lemon raw
Depravity Day Gracefl Worms (Neema) Matt/Mello 19 pages (yaoi), young Mello, adult Matt raw
Detract Pinoki-nyo (C. Taniguchi) Raito/L 30 pages yaoi raw
Devil Inside Brand-H L/Raito 20 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Dicey Wilhelmina Mello/Near, Mello/Hal 38 pages yaoi, het, humor, lime raw
Disappear Hideki Kawai Raito/L 52 pages yaoi, lime raw
DisPareunia Tototsudaga Matt/Mello, Near/Mello 25 pages yaoi, lime raw
Divine Reaper   Raito/Mikami 16 pages yaoi, lime raw
Dohou Haraka Midou Akira Raito/L 25 pages yaoi, romance scanlated
Dog x Mello -> Matt EroherE Matt/Mello 38 pages yaoi, crack raw
Doku wo Kurawaba Fake Raito/L 30 pages yaoi, lemon scanlated
Dolls ZeroHaku L/Raito 54 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Domino AiLove Love Matt, Mello, Near 18 pages fluff, gen raw
Don't call me Crazy Heatwave Near/Mello 26 pages yaoi, lime raw
Don't phunk with my heart MTP (L/Mello) 17 pages general raw
Do-tsundere Dosakusa Violence Matt/Mello 28 pages yaoi raw
Down Hacker M-Crash Matt/Mello 12 pages yaoi, lime raw
drop Hasta La Vista Raito/L 24 pages yaoi, crack raw
Dull Clear Pink Pink Panthers L/Raito 20 pages yaoi raw
Eden Yuhki/Nene Okui Raito/L 38 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Elevator Action Omgea 2-D Matsuda/L 12 pages yaoi, lemon scanlated
Erotic Humor Grave Error L/Raito 17 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Erotica Dizzy Melon (Araya) Matt/Mello 18 pages hentai, lemon, genderswitch scanlated
Eruru-series Nagisaku Raito/L 38 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Eve Gracefl Worms (Neema) Matt/Mello 12 pages yaoi, violence, blood scanlated
Fake Familia Kanehira Mafia/Mello, Rod/Mello 49 pages yaoi, lemon, drama raw
Feather Erare Raito/L 36 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Feeling Good EroherE Matt/Mello 26 pages yaoi raw
Fetish happydorobou Near/Mello, Matt/Mello 38 pages yaoi, lemon, crack raw
Fiction murmur Raito/L 41 pages yaoi, drama, lime scanlated
Game without Love Omega 2-D Gevanni/Near 17 pages yaoi, lemon, shota? raw
Garana Sprash Aiya L/Raito 25 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Gentei Kaijo Emotional Q L/Raito, (Near) 34 pages yaoi raw
Gesu Note Gejina Raito/Ryuuku 26 pages yaoi, crack, lime raw
Get set. Go! Brick House Wammy Kids + L 26 pages (yaoi), general raw
Ghost Smile Nagisaku Raito/L 34 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Gift Hapipapi Matt/Mello 5 pages yaoi raw
Give me a Reason Orange Honey L/Raito 26 pages yaoi, lime raw
Glorious 2 Dosukusaviolene Mali Matt/Mello (Hal) 55 pages general, gag, AU raw
Gnostic WaraKachi L/Raito 30 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Go3 L.M.T Mello/Near 30 pages general raw
God Eye Balgus REC L/Raito, Matt/Mello, Tentacle/Mello 182 pages yaoi, lemon partly scanlated
Gods Will Jun.Arayashiki Matt/Mello 18 pages yaoi, lime raw
Groupie Dolls Magic Mushroom Mello/Matt 17 pages yaoi, crack raw
Hakudaku Tenshi Seeta-Kanamiya Raito/L, Mello/Near/L, Everyone/L 12 pages yaoi, lemon, food, bukkake, some kinda pr0n-artbook raw
Happy End murmur L/Raito 14 pages yaoi, fluff raw
Happy Ending H-eichi (hitomi) Matt/Mello 16 pages yaoi, AU, humor scanlated
Happy Pumpkin Day Brick House none 18 pages general raw
Hayaku genki ni natte ne Root06 Mello, Near 41 pages general raw
Health! Shisyunki2gou Mello/Hal 24 pages yaoi/yuri/hentai, genderswitch, DG, lemon raw
Hell's Notice WINGERinMIND Raito/Misa, Raito/Sayu 26 pages hentai, lemon raw
(hg) hydrargyrum Gracefl Worms (Neema) Matt/Mello 31 pages yaoi, lemon, violence, (rape) scanlated
Hide and Seek AiLove Love Near/Mello, Matt 33 pages yaoi raw
Hikari Saisiga Raito/L 33 pages yaoi, lime, gag raw
Hikari no Ori Joukubunritsu L/Raito 12 pages yaoi raw
Historical Classical Root06 Near, Mello, L 38 pages general raw
Home Sweet Home MN Box Matt/Mello, Mello/Near 42 pages yaoi, romance raw
Honesty ATTIC Raito/L, Lind L Taylor/L 20 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Honey Dip FLAT Aiber/Raito/L 22 pages yaoi, gag raw
Hydro-Electric Gracefl Worms (Neema) Raito/L 42 pages yaoi, serious, lemon scanlated
Hysteric Mad Real Samurai SAW (GReCO) Matt/Mello 43 pages yaoi, lemon, violence, mushrooms translated
i EroherE Raito/Misa 45 pages hentai, lemon, serious raw
I can do die, just for you MTP nothing clearly 4 pages (yaoi), gag raw
ID Pink Panthers L/Raito 14 pages yaoi scanlated
Idol Densetsu Eruko Omega 2-D Raito/L 22 pages yaoi, gag partly scanlated
Image Fight FLAT Raito/L, Aiber/Raito/L 30 pages yaoi, lemon, crack partly scanlated
Intromania AiLove-Love, H-eichi, etc. Matt/Mello 76 pages yaoi, romance, comedy partly scanlated
Invention Only m.mm. none 18 pages general raw
J Mix Various (anthology) none 211 pages (yaoi), gag, [contains Dizzy Melon] raw
Jinsei Gemu Meteo none 18 pages gag raw
Jouji Curia Midou/Namikawa 17 pages yaoi, lime raw
Kakuritsu Hendou Baketsu Coffee Raito/L 30 pages yaoi, gag raw
Kalk Samen Kikunohana CHANDELICA (Moca Shigasaki) L/Raito 38 pages yaoi, lemon, lollipop raw
Karada de Asobo D.N.A.Lab. Raito/Misa 14 pages hentai, lemon raw
KatzenQuett m.mm., 8POCHI, kinderwaltz, machi Near/Mello, Rod/Mello 41 pages yaoi raw
Kigaki Psychopathy L/Raito 30 pages yaoi raw
Kimagure Tenshi Delic & Platinum L/Raito 25 pages yaoi, lemon scanlated
Kinbaku Ouji Orange Pekoe L/Raito 14 pages yaoi, lemon, artbook to the game raw
Kinoko Genkaku Magic Mushroom Matt/Mello 18 pages yaoi, drama raw
Kisama~ Mituhachi Raito/L 19 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Kiss Seren Kotobuki Raito/L 32 pages yaoi, lime, sad, death scanlation
Know your enemy Dizzy Melon Raito/L 26 pages yaoi, crack raw
Kodokuna Tantei AiLove Love L/Mello 13 pages yaoi scanlated
Koi Install Kanryou ALEGRE Matt/Mello 07 pages yaoi raw
Kubiwa Tsushin Vol. 9 Studio SPT Raito/Misa 56 pages hentai, lemon raw
Kuroki Kami no Kusari Juokubunritsu Raito/L 16 pages yaoi scanlated
L no Hon Balgus REC L/Raito 49 pages general (incomplete) scanlated
L no Shokutaku-Kai FLAT Raito/L (Aiber) 22 pages yaoi raw
Left Children Ma.Yone L, Mello, Near 31 pages general raw
Lemony First Love: Carbonated Water's Thousand Bubbles ZeroHaku L/Raito 30 pages yaoi, lemon, AU scanlated
Lent Yamada D. Yonezoh, Takaoka Nanaroku Raito/L 51 pages yaoi, lime scanlated
Lento AiLove-Love Mello/Near 16 pages yaoi raw (photos)
L-Factory Groove Tube L, Watari, Matsuda 34 pages general scanlated
Lies and False Charge Lollipoppers Raito/L 17 pages yaoi, gag raw
Light Blue Venus Megamania Raito/L 21 pages yaoi raw
Light ga Waratteru 3 Tenshinrou too many 38 pages yaoi, het, crack raw
Light Limit Various (anthology) mainly Raito/L 195 pages yaoi, gag, lemon raw
Light Note Taishi Zaou & Eiki Eiki Raito/L? 30 pages yaoi scanlated
Limelight Dizzy Melon Matt/Mello 77 pages yaoi, serious, drama, lemon scanlated
Lithium Gracefl Worms Matt/Mello 20 pages yaoi, young Matt, adult Mello raw
Little Encounter Tirol Mello/Near 25 pages general raw
Little Engagement Tirol (Nimo) Mello/Near 44 pages general raw
Little Entreaty Tirol Mello/Near 66 pages general raw
Live evil Omega 2-D L/Aiber, Matsuda/Mello, Raito/Near 20 pages yaoi, crack, lime raw
LMN Orange Pekoe Mello/Near, Raito/L 14 pages yaoi, lime raw
Love Beep Boop Matt/Mello 62 pages yaoi, lemon, romance, drama, adult!Matt & young!Mello raw
Love Life H-eichi Matt/Mello 42 pages yaoi, lime, drama scanlation
LoveLove mix! H-eichi Matt/Mello 24 pages yaoi, comedy raw
Love me Forever and Ever MTP Matt, Mello, Near, Mikami 25 pages yaoi raw
Love takes in all things Omega 2-D Raito/L 17 pages yaoi, lemon scanlated
Love Traveling H-eichi Matt/Mello 40 pages yaoi, humor, AU, lemon scanlated
LR Pink Panthers L/Raito 15 pages yaoi, lime scanlated
L x Misa   L/Misa 15 pages hentai, lemon raw
M BKS Studio OC/Misa, Raito/Misa, L/Sayu 36 pages hentai, lemon raw
M disappears Marukichi Seven none 31 pages gag, yaoi raw
M wo produce extra 2006 Honey QP Halle/Mello 18 pages hentai, lemon, fisting, yaoi, threesome, double-penetration, watersports, urethral play/sounding, rape? raw
Maigo Emotional Q Raito/L 27 pages yaoi, lime raw
Maigo 2 Emotional Q Raito/L 62 pages yaoi, sad, serious raw
Manjushage AIYA L/Raito 22 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Maria H-eichi (hitomi) Mello/Near 32 pages yaoi raw
Max Heart Kokuyo Raito/L 22 pages yaoi, lemon, humor raw
MBit Various (anthology) Matt/Mello 123 pages yaoi, gag, humor, romance, drama partly scanlated
Me, too Karmo-Doh Matt/Mello 26 pages yaoi, sad, serious raw
Meeting Again Okudendani Matt/Mello, Mello/Near 49 pages yaoi raw
Mello Lunch Kanehira Rod/Mello, Mafia/Mello, Matt/Mello, Near/Mello 48 pages yaoi, lemon, romance, AU raw
MelloXNera RIset.IC Mello/Near 12 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Melodrama Dizzy Melon (Araya) Matt/Mello 42 pages yaoi, sad, serious, lemon translated
MeroNia Max RIset.IC Mello/Near 28 pages yaoi, lemon, gag raw
Mesu Note Akiyama L(?)/Misa/Naomi 44 pages hentai, lemon raw
Mihitsu no Koi EroherE Matt/Mello 42 pages yaoi, lemon, sad, serious raw
MintMagic Luciferhood Matt/Mello 17 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Misa Missa Shinji Yamaguchi Raito/Misa 26 pages hentai, lemon raw
Misa Note Nekomataya OC/Misa 26 pages hentai, lemon scanlated
Misa Note Bone*chinA Raito/Misa, Ryuuku/Sayu 50 pages hentai, lemon raw
Misa Hard Crimson Comics OC/Misa 68 pages hentai, lemon raw
Misa Slave P Forest Raito/Misa, OC/Misa 63 pages hentai, lemon raw
Missing you Machi Near/Mello 38 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Mission Bathroom Luciferhood Watari/L 23 pages yaoi, lemon, shota raw
Mizutamari AiLove Love Matt/Mello 34 pages yaoi, sap raw
MK Robi Matt/Mello 38 pages yaoi, lime raw
Moe Note Peach Note Raito/L, Mello/Near 29 pages yaoi, lemon, gag raw
Monochrome AiLove Love Matt/Mello 17 pages yaoi raw
Monopolistic Desire AM+KD Raito/L 22 pages yaoi, lime, (incomplete) raw
Monster 8Pochi & Sabuson Rod/Mello, Matt/Mello 52 pages yaoi, sad, serious, lime partly scanlated
MoonLight Killer Various (anthology) Raito/L 168 pages yaoi, lime, gag raw
MoonLight Killer 2 Various (anthology) Raito/L, Raito/Ryuuku 135 pages yaoi, humor, parody, lemon raw
Moon Walk Balgus REC (Sabi) Raito/L 26 pages yaoi, humor, DDR scanlated
M*Teen Jakoten (Nana Humitsuki) Mello, Near 30 pages chibi raw
MuZ 2Stroke Raito/Misa 16 pages hentai, lemon raw
ms+m Inazuma Picaco Demegawa/Soichiro, Mello/Soichiro 18 pages yaoi, gag, (incomplete) raw
N (Near moe Books) Omega 2-D Anyone/Near 32 pages yaoi, gag, lime raw
Nami Nori*Pirate 8Pochi & White Noise Rod/Mello 18 pages yaoi, lime, humor raw
Natsu no Hizashi ni Yoku Niteru AiLove Love Matt/Mello 17 pages yaoi, sap raw
Natsu-Matsuri Groove Tube Matsuda/L 18 pages general raw
Ne Machi Suki Yuko Morioka, Simone Yotsuya L/Raito 8 pages yaoi, lime raw
Nearly Dead Dizzy Melon (Araya) Raito/Mikami, Matt/Mello 25 pages yaoi raw
Nearmellody ETK Mello/Near 26 pages yaoi, gag raw
Neko to Fushigi na Tsubo Murmur & Erare Raito/L 20 pages gag? raw
Nekosama Ukulele Rider L/Raito 27 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Neo-Libido Palindrome Matt/Mello 41 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Nevermind Dizzy Melon (Araya) Raito/Misa, Raito/L 26 pages yaoi, gag, (incomplete) raw
New York New Wark MTP Gevanni/Near, L/Mello 36 pages yaoi, lime raw
Nightmare Various (anthology) Raito/Misa, (L/Misa) 74 pages hentai, lemon raw
Ningen Shikkaku Gejiya*/Gejina Raito/Sai, Raito/Ryuuku, Remu/Raito 30 pages yaoi, crack, X-over, genderswitch raw
Nishi to Iu tara Keroro-Doh L/Raito 24 pages yaoi, lime raw
No Limit Mikoto Kurogane many 29 pages yaoi, gag raw
N*Teen Jakoten Raito/L, Near/Mello 28 pages yaoi, gag scanlated
Nyan nyan shitara iijanai Murmur Raito/L 21 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Oboreru machi Matt/Mermaid!Mello, Linda 29 pages yaoi, sap, AU raw
Oh! My God of Night Balgus REC Raito/L 14 pages crack, maid-stuff, (bad quality) raw
Okashi Na Kimochi iridescenece jewel L/Raito 18 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Onamae Please Various (anthology) Raito/L 132 pages yaoi, gag raw
Orange Note Peach Note Raito/L 32 pages yaoi, humor, lime raw
Overflow Redlight? Matt/Mello, Mello/Near 35 pages yaoi, lime, drama raw
Parallel ALEGRE (Sekimori) Matt/Mello 38 pages yaoi, lemon, AU, highschool raw
Perfect Child Kyoku Tsukiko Raito/L 19 pages yaoi, lime, (incomplete) partly scanlated
Performa HooPoe Matsuda/Raito 31 pages yaoi, lime raw
Pilot m.mm. Mello, Near 21 pages drama raw
Pink Ambrosia Megamania Raito/L 23 pages yaoi, humor scanlated
Pink Sniper H-eichi (hitomi) Matt/Mello 23 pages yaoi, lemon scanlated
Platonic Chain Sensou to Heiwa Raito/L 20 pages yaoi raw
Please, short Cake more, please! Ichinichi Sanjou Raito/Misa 19 pages hentai, lemon raw
Plum Pink Jelly Raito/L 35 pages yaoi, lime scanlated
pp kiss me Raito/L 15 pages yaoi, lime, (incomplete) raw
Pray Dosakusa Violence Matt/Mello 30 pages gag raw
Price you gotta pay Rina Tsuduki Midou/Namikawa 11 pages yaoi, (incomplete) raw
Promised Land Magic Mushroom Matt/Mello 26 pages yaoi, sap raw
P.S. AiLove Love Matt/Mello 28 pages yaoi raw
Psychopathy Aiko L/Raito 49 pages yaoi, comedy raw
Pure Hacker M-Crash Matt/Mello 26 pages yaoi, lime raw
Rag Gracefl Worms (Neema) Mello/Matt 21 pages yaoi, (comedy) scanlated
Rain Drop Dosakusa violence girl!Matt/Mello 13 pages genderswitch, romance raw
Raitoishii R-ED L/Raito 14 pages yaoi, lemon, shaving, toys, crack raw
r.d.m.c (rappin' driving my car) Gracefl Worms (Neema) Matt/Mello 23 pages yaoi, lemon, fighting scanlated
Really really Moon FLAT Raito/L, Aiber/Raito 29 pages yaoi, lemon, gag raw
Re:Commended Ultimate Powers Midou/Namikawa 8 pages yaoi raw
Rella AiLove Love Matt/Mello 20 pages yaoi raw
Renai shirigaku Moon Stone Raito/L 19 pages yaoi raw
Rensou Game FLAT Raito/L 28 pages yaoi raw
Repeat ALEGRE Near/Mello 38 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Repeat AiLove Love Matt/Mello 20 pages yaoi raw
Rise Katura Shiki & Haruka Sena Raito/L 15 pages yaoi, gag raw
RMK Amano Ameno Raito/Kiyomi 34 pages hentai, BD/SM, lemon, tentacles, scat raw
Rock'n'Roll Rendezvous Hattori Melo/Near, (Rod/Mello) 28 pages yaoi raw
Romance no kusuri agemasu Royal Police Raito/L 35 pages yaoi, gag raw
Round Room AiLove Love & ALEGRE Near/Mello, Matt 59 pages yaoi raw
Sadistic Sweet Delic L/Raito 26 pages yaoi, lemon scanlated
Sanctus Weltnacht L/Raito 17 pages yaoi, romance raw
Sand of the Moon Crimson Comics OC/Misa 58 pages hentai, lemon raw
Sankaku Sankaku AiLove Love Mello, Near, L 26 pages general raw
Say my name Yonezoh D & Sakurako Yamada Raito/L 36 pages yaoi, lemon scanlated
self-conscious Kokuyo Raito/L 30 pages yaoi, lime, gag raw
Semantics Yuta Mello, Near 22 pages general raw
Sentence Nagisaku Raito/L 29 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Sentimental Boys Violent Joke Fujiko Raito/L, Near/Mello 20 pages yaoi, gag raw
Sentimental Boys Violent Joke 2 Fujiko L, Raito, Mello, Near 22 pages gen raw
Seventh Heven Aiya Raito/Misa, L/Raito 38 pages yaoi, lemon, sad scanlated
Shiawase ka zo Kuke i Kaku K-Slider Hal/Gevanni, Gevanni/Near 38 pages gen, humor raw
Shiawase no Kane ga Narihibiki Delic Raito/L 22 pages yaoi, romance raw
Shiroi Kouya Gomokugohan & Yutaka Miyabi Raito, L 31 pages general raw
Shiseru Moji Yutaka Miyabi Raito, L 18 pages general raw
Shura Machi Banka (Fight Scene Elegy) Gracefl Worms (Neema) Matt/Mello 27 pages yaoi, lemon scanlated
Silver Spoon Luciferhood Gevanni/Near 26 pages yaoi, lemon, shota raw
Sketch machi Mello/Linda, Near/Mello 18 pages yaoi, lime raw
Soko Shirenu Yokubou 80% no Kouzou Mameteisyoku Raito, L, Mello, Near 22 pages yaoi, gag raw
Sonata of Winter Bolero L/Matsuda, Namikawa 22 pages yaoi, romance, sap raw
Sonata of Winter 2 Bolero L/Matsuda, Namikawa 30 pages yaoi, sad raw
Souvenir Paprika G L/Raito 27 pages yaoi, lime, gag raw
Spoon and Caffeine Baketsu Coffee Raito/L 42 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Spoon and Icecream   Raito/L, L/Soichiro 35 pages yaoi, lime, gag raw
Stand by me Kazuyoshi & Yashobo Haniwa Matt/Mello 10 pages yaoi raw
Star Light Balgus REC L/Raito 20 pages yaoi, fighting, humor raw
star STRUCK ALEGRE Matt/Mello 34 pages yaoi, matt messing around raw
Strawberry & Lion ETK Near/Mello 28 pages yaoi raw
Strawberry Machine FLAT Raito/L, Aiber/L 19 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Subete no Yoru ni Sasagu Psychopathy Mello/Raito 21 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Suki suki suki Hanamachi Raito/L 26 pages yaoi, lemon, maid-dress raw
Suteningen Haruna Raito/L 30 pages yaoi scanlated
Sweet Drug   Raito/L 16 pages yaoi, lime raw
Sweet Flavor Orange Honey L/Raito 24 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Sweet Monster ZeroHaku Raito/L 24 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Sweet Surrender Otakaraya & Tanakake & Jumonjikyodai Raito/L 28 pages yaoi, gag raw
Sweetest Banana machi & MTP Matt/Mello 26 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Sympathy for the God of Death Mameteisyoku L/Raito 42 pages yaoi, lime raw
Taikutsu Balgus REC L/Raito 46 pages yaoi, lemon scanlated
Target Magic Mushroom Near/Matt, Matt/Mello 32 pages yaoi raw
Telephone Shiina Tatihara Anybody/Namikawa 30 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Tenten no Mitsumame root06 L, Mello 18 pages humor, general raw
The Ananias has a good night Teionyakedo Raito/L 27 pages yaoi, lime raw
The Blank Rune Various (anthology) L, Raito, Matsuda, Misa, Ryuuku 58 pages yaoi, gag raw
The Boy Who Tirol (Nimo) Mello/Near 44 pages yaoi raw
The Day When God Was Produced Emotional Q L/Raito 12 pages yaoi scanlated
The Dog is on a Chain Kokuyo Raito/L 22 pages yaoi, lime raw
The Dog is on a Chain 2 Kokuyo Raito/L 42 pages yaoi, lime raw
The End of the World and Milk Chocolate 15channel L, Raito 26 pages gen raw
The Prodigy Teionyakedo L, Watari 41 pages gen, drama raw
To Be With You Rinax Matsuda, Soichiro, Raito, L 23 pages gen, humor raw
to the West 11th St. AiLove Love puppy!Matt, Mello 34 pages fluff, AU raw
Tobira no nai heyade EroherE Near/Mello 42 pages serious, sad raw
Tokimeke! HighSchool Graffiti ZeroHaku L/Raito 34 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Tokyo Kid Wilhelmina Mello/Matt 37 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Top Secret Enfant Terrible Near/Mello 30 pages yaoi, lime raw
Touyou kottou ganguten Saw:Greco Rod/Mello, Tentacle/Mello, Near 32 pages yaoi, lemon, tentacles, mpreg, fisting, splatter, (incomplete) raw
Toy Soldiers Dizzy Melon (Araya) Matt/Mello 54 pages yaoi, lemon, sad scanlated
Track 000 ChocolateKinema Raito/L, Matsuda/L 38 pages yaoi raw
Tranquilizer Kokuyo Raito/L 25 pages yaoi, lime raw
Trap Nagisaku (Kiyoi Kiriyu) Raito/L 30 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Triangle brand56 Matt/Mello 26 pages yaoi, sad raw
Triangle Formation RIset.IC Matt, Mello, Near, Hal 22 pages yaoi, gag raw
Trickster Riziak & Washuuchan Raito/L 60 pages yaoi, lime raw
Trigger EroherE Near/Mello 41 pages yaoi, lime, (photos - not scans) raw
Trivial Matter Kokuyo Raito/L 28 pages yaoi, lime scanlated
Tsumetai Yuuten (Low Degrees of Melting) Tirol (Nimo) Near/Mello 14 pages yaoi, lime, serious, sad raw
Tuner Root 06 Near/Mello, Linda 28 pages yaoi raw
Unbalanced machi Mello, Near 22 pages general raw
undo. murmur Raito/L 27 pages yaoi, lemon raw
Unfair Jerk trick Raito/L, Matsuda 29 pages yaoi raw
Untitled Gracefl Worms (Neema) Matt/Mello 7 pages sad scanlated
Utsukushii Sekai Micromacro Namikawa/Hatori 28 pages yaoi, lime raw
Vanilla root06 Near/Mello 28 pages yaoi, lime raw
Vanilla Relation Bolero L/Matsuda 32 pages yaoi raw
Walking Away Okudendani Matt, Mello, Near 22 pages yaoi scanlated
Wammy's Angels Dizzy Melon (Araya) Mello, Near, L, Raito, Sachiko 31 pages gag, (incomplete) raw
Yagami-kun Fujiko L/Raito 33 pages yaoi raw
Yesterday once more Dizzy Melon (Araya) Misa/Raito, L/Raito 26 pages yaoi, het, lime, humor raw
Yoi Kono Mello AiLove Love, ALEGRE, root06, machi Mello, Near, Matt 18 pages some kinda painting book raw
Yotei Hyper Pinch Raito/Sayu, Raito/Kyomi, OC/Kyomi 18 pages hentai, lemon raw
Yotsuba Hard Omega 2-D Aiber/L, Raito/L, Midou/Namikawa 49 pages yaoi, crack raw
Yotsubanban Cafetela Midou/Namikawa 35 pages yaoi, crack, x-over raw
You and me are side-by-side. We are sakuranbo. Konoe Akiduki Mello, Near 18 pages general raw
Yuetsu no Arika Emotional Q Raito/L 36 pages yaoi raw
Yukikuni no Hako Fujiko Raito/L 33 pages yaoi, romance, lime, kids raw
Yuutousei ZeroHaku L/Raito 30 pages yaoi, AU, lemon raw
Zettai Yurusanai Wilhelmina Mello/Matt 52 pages yaoi, lemon, drama, matt!abuse raw

And these are the doujinshis, which were not printed and scanned. These are internet-published doujinshis.

Cover Title Circle Pairing Pages Info Language
100% L's Philosophy genaminna L, Matsuda, Raito 7 pages general english
Age of Innocence Akane Mello/Near 14 pages yaoi english
Barbor (ES-baka) Mello/Near 10 pages yaoi english
Check Mate Luciferhood Gevanni/Near 8 pages yaoi japanese
Childish Games Akane Mello/Near 4 pages yaoi english
Every Word Izar Matt/Mello, Near 21 pages yaoi, drama, sap english
Great Minds Think Alike Jesse-Yuki Legon Raito/L 10 pages yaoi, lemon english
Have you ever been on a Date? Shuji & Reyn Raito/L 6 pages general english
January Akane Mello/Near 7 pages yaoi, lime english
Jin (ES-baka) Mello/Near 25 pages yaoi, lime english
Katharsis Akane Mello/Near 6 pages sad, serious english
Lost Innocence Akane Mello/Near 25 pages yaoi, lime, sap english
Love Letter Luciferhood Raito/L (and others) 8 pages yaoi, lemon, NWS japanese
Mikami   Mikami (can't recognize the others) 12 pages no idea japanese
Ours, the beautiful World Reapersun L/Raito 20 pages humor english
Parallel Lunar Kyrie Mello/Raito 22 pages yaoi japanese
Please nurse me Akane Mello/Near 5 pages humor, (yaoi) english
Stray Cat Akane Mello/Near 8 pages serious, murder english
Thank You Izar Matt/Mello 12 pages yaoi, lemon english
The Perfect Dinner Drachi Matt/Mello 18 pages yaoi, lemon, gag english
Tradition Akane Mello/Near 5 pages yaoi, christmas english
Wammy's Kids Vilani Mello/Near, Matt/Mello 60 pages yaoi, lemon english
Wild Strawberry Luciferhood B/L 13 pages yaoi, lemon japanese

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